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Common Health Reasons for ED

Any form of Erectile Dysfunction or Erectile Dissatisfaction is a "barometer of health." The penis literally tells a story about whole body health.

A Heartfelt Response to my Hypothyroid Mom FB Comments

I wrote a two part article back in May of 2015 called The Two Big Problems with “Typical” Thyroid Hormone Treatment and it was posted by Dana Trentini of Hypothyroid Mom fame. Just recently, the article was reposted on Facebook and there has been a tremendous outpouring of Comments from people who[...]

Oxytocin: The “Love Hormone” of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Oxytocin goes by many names and “The Love Hormone” is just one of them. The bonding hormone, the nursing hormone, the relaxing hormone, the trusting hormone, the SEXY HORMONE, all names that lend to the idea of how this powerful hormone can help you.

Chasing Meaning Is Better Than Avoiding Discomfort

So, first of all, let me assert my firm belief that the only thing we have to fear is...fear itself — nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts to convert retreat into advance. In every dark hour of our national life a leadership of frankness and of vigor has met[...]

Those Tighty Whities Are Increasing Your Estrogen!!


Your Stress & The Power of Gratitude

Patient: Dr. Robinson! I feel horrible! My body is a wreck!! Help!

"Gentlemen Don't Carry Diseases?"

In the 19th century, just after childbirth, women would sometimes become affected by puerperal fever or childbed fever, a devastating disease that caused severe abdominal pain, extremely high fever and often death. Doctors were baffled and had no real way to treat the disease, or even prevent it.[...]

Your Relationships, Testosterone, & The Power of Polarity

Opposites attract, right? When it comes to your intimate relationships, nothing could be more true. Remember when you first met? Remember the intensity that was present, the carnal need to be with that person, under any circumstance? That was the polarity created by each person individually[...]

A Big Fat Surprise

My writing style and my general style with my private patients is one of fairness and balance. I am open. I am willing. When there is a position that is opposite of mine within the health world, I stay open because there are many roads leading to health. Dr. John Lowe, the physician who wrote the[...]

What Shuts Down Intimacy in Your Relationship?

You want the secret, don't you? What makes her really tick? What's in that pretty little head…really? What makes him come back time and time again like a magnet and respond to you? What three things do women need and what shuts them down like turning off a light switch? And what about a man? What[...]


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