Common Health Reasons for ED

Any form of Erectile Dysfunction or Erectile Dissatisfaction is a "barometer of health." The penis literally tells a story about whole body health.

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Common Health Reasons for ED:

Diabetes and Pre-Diabetes:

High blood sugar (glucose) and high carbohydrate and alcohol intake all affect the lining of blood vessels necessary for achieving and maintaining an optimal erection. Diabetes and the more common "pre" diabetes are probably the most common underlying reasons for ED and is overlooked and under-treated. We can properly diagnose and treat you for this to optimize Sexual Wellness and Erectile Satisfaction.



Often related to diabetes and pre-diabetes, central abdominal fat and excessive overall body fat is directly related to ED. The exact mechanism is not well understood, but research study after research study continues to conclude that the more fat a man has the worse his erections will be. We have solutions for Weight Management that can help you. 

High Blood Pressure:

Penile blood flow is directly related to blood pressure. High blood pressure negatively affects how the penis will function. Even if your blood pressure is kept under control with medications, it is high blood pressure medications such as diuretics and beta blockers that are most associated with ED. We can help manage your blood pressure to improve your sexual outcomes. 

Metabolic Syndrome:

The combination of having Diabetes, Obesity (central abdominal fat), and High Blood Pressure (Hypertension) is called Metabolic Syndrome. This "trifecta" further increases the risk of having ED. Properly addressing these issues will help with erectile health.

Testosterone Deficiency:

A pivotal condition that is often at the core of ED. After the age of 30, or even younger, testosterone levels begin to decline and can result in a lack of sexual desire and performance. And Metabolic Syndrome virtually guarantees that you will also have Testosterone Deficiency. 

Poor Metabolism:

There are a multitude of reasons for a slow metabolism. Lack of exercise is a key reason and will also result in poor penis blood supply. Metabolic rate is associated with oxygen consumption and how your cells consume oxygen will relate to a host of diseases, including ED. We can accurately measure your Metabolic Rate and provide medical answers to improve it. 

Low Antioxidant Status:

Antioxidants help to protect the lining of blood vessels responsible for achieving an optimal erection. Properly measuring your antioxidants in your body helps to lead to customized nutritional strategies to improve your Erectile Satisfaction. We specialize in this approach. 

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