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Announcement Regarding Labs

2017 The BIG Year in Review

Yes, it’s been a BIG year! People always seem to notice that at the end of the year when they have a chance to reflect. That’s one of the great things about the Holidays; they give you an opportunity to reflect, and to be Grateful and Thankful. And we are incredibly grateful and thankful for so[...]

The Sex Docs: AZ Foothills Best Hormone Docs

You know, we really do love hormones and Serving the Valley! Just like our relationship, it's a huge passion! We have been making our commitment to Health, Hormones, and Sexual Wellness known and there is a real buzz in the air! So, guess what?

A Massive Injustice

What if your ability to choose your medical treatments was taken away? What if your ability to choose how you want your own children to be medically treated was taken away? Be aware. Freedom may be going out of style. I received an email today from a respected colleague. He is a pioneer in the use[...]

Foreward by Dr. John C. Lowe

It is with an immense amount of pride that I share with you the humbling foreward written by Dr. John C. Lowe for my upcoming book. He is a true scholar and a shoot-from-the-hip gentleman of a rare kind.

The Hormone Zone for You!

The Hormone Zone: Navigate Metabolism Towards Whole Health Transformation


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