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Eat Like a Caveman for a Slimmer Waistline

Our ancestors had something figured out about nutrition without having to really “figure it out.” When it came to staying slim, our cave-dwelling forefathers (and foremothers!) had it in the bag because they simply eat what was naturally available. One of the best questions to ask in nutrition is[...]

Binkley’s Makes Marriages Made in Heaven

In an unassuming strip mall, collected among the desert sands and grandeur of the West, in Cave Creek, Arizona, sits a restaurant of world class level. If you aren’t looking for it, you may miss it. But it’s there. It’s spinning like a top, perfectly pivoted on the genius and passion of Master Chef[...]

Got Carbs? Got Cancer.

Recent preliminary research is confirming the association of increased carbohydrate intake and breast cancer recurrence. Cancer feeds off of sugar (glucose) and we have known this for a long time. But science is taking it a step further and measuring a biomarker called the IGF1 (Insulin like[...]


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