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Long Term Testosterone Therapy Gives You Long Term Weight Loss

When we are talking about weight loss, real weight loss, we are talking about long term permanent weight loss. There are many diet therapies that lead to rapid weight loss in the beginning, but have a difficulty in maintaining the loss over time, particularly over the first year. But testosterone[...]

Oxytocin: The “Love Hormone” of Hormone Replacement Therapy

Oxytocin goes by many names and “The Love Hormone” is just one of them. The bonding hormone, the nursing hormone, the relaxing hormone, the trusting hormone, the SEXY HORMONE, all names that lend to the idea of how this powerful hormone can help you.

Synthetic Estrogen & Progestin Increase Cancer

A recent robust study published October 20th, 2010 in The Journal of the American Medical Association concluded, "Estrogen plus progestin was associated with greater breast cancer incidence, and the cancers are more commonly node-positive.  Breast cancer mortality also appears to be increased with[...]

Making Sense of Menopause: A New Beginning

A small excerpt from the upcoming book by Dr. Robinson "Metabolic Health Transformation".  


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