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Skin and Menopause

Despite the growing research on medicated hormonal treatments on the skin, there are many options available already to turn dry, itchy and thinning skin into smoother, fresher skin.

Menopause:  A New Beginning!

Hey Ladies and Gentlemen! This whole menopause and hormonal thing has many of you perplexed, but there is hope! And there is a reason for all of it. And the reason is…well, for you to figure it all out of course! Can you figure it out? Are you up for the challenge? Remember there is help out there[...]

Your Makeup May Be Linked to Early Menopause

Who would of thought that a woman’s makeup could be causing early menopause?  But it’s not just cosmetics.  Insidiously common little chemicals that we seem to not be able to live without, are silently and effectively harming us from within…


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