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The new year is a time to reclaim your health. While we encourage goal setting, we find patients often set themselves up for failure. January is classically known for crash diets, impulse gym membership purchases and promises to "never eat that chocolate cake again". The Hormone Zone positions our[...]

Getting Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

Fear does not exist. We create fear. This creation of fear normally occurs within ourselves, our mind, and our perceptions. Our perceptions can either serve us or fail us. They will serve us when they allow us to become more than we are, when we move and evolve despite ourselves. It is the way of[...]

Our Date with Destiny

Tony Robbins. A Thunderous Force. Like a thunderbolt he brings forward an energy to shake you from your ivory tower, bringing you crashing down to your True Self and what you have always needed to know. This is one of the most important keys to life. Get out of your ivory tower. Allow yourself to[...]

Broken Things

A wrist watch, a car window, and a satellite dish. I watched in horror when they all broke, not knowing what my next move would be. How was I going to move forward if I did not have these things? Why were they breaking now? Can I repair them? Of course I can, I will have to. I need them. I must[...]


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