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Coronavirus Fear and the Immune System

These are strange times. We believe that they will go down as wonderfully interesting times as well, having learned more about ourselves and how we can overcome. But at this moment, we have fear, that has in some cases turned into excessive fear and panic. Coronavirus fear is only productive until[...]

How ALL Your Other Hormones Affect Your Thyroid Gland

Your thyroid does not exist in a vacuum. Nothing in your body does; it’s all interrelated and interacting in a concerted dance. And hormones, the quintessential “agents of change”, are powerful messengers that absolutely love a noisy party. They want to communicate to one another copiously so they[...]

A Heartfelt Response to my Hypothyroid Mom FB Comments

I wrote a two part article back in May of 2015 called The Two Big Problems with “Typical” Thyroid Hormone Treatment and it was posted by Dana Trentini of Hypothyroid Mom fame. Just recently, the article was reposted on Facebook and there has been a tremendous outpouring of Comments from people who[...]

Natural Thyroid Hormone

There is hope for patients with low thyroid function and its a "little pig in a blanket!"  Most hypothyroid patients come to me already prescribed the typical thyroid medications such as Synthroid, Levoxyl, or the generic levothyroxine.  In 2008 alone, doctors wrote over 34,000 prescriptions for[...]

Nature Throid New Formulation

I have had some patients bring to my attention about the new formulation that Nature Thyroid has undergone.  In April 2010, the manufacturers of Nature Thyroid reformulated their product to improve its absorbability and to take an already very clean product and make it even cleaner.  I have used[...]


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