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Hey Thyroid Patients! Do You Dig On Swine?

Looks like the best form of thyroid medication you can get is coming from the beloved pig! If you are on thyroid medication, it would be in your best interest to consider "Diggin' on some swine!"

Thyroid Disease: 5 Tell-Tale Signs

Thyroid disease is a nationwide epidemic. It is lurking in the midst of millions of people, mostly women over 50, and is a large cause for so many feeling horrible. The thyroid can be over-functioning, which is called hyperthyroidism, and more typically, under-functioning, which is known as[...]

Nature Throid New Formulation

I have had some patients bring to my attention about the new formulation that Nature Thyroid has undergone.  In April 2010, the manufacturers of Nature Thyroid reformulated their product to improve its absorbability and to take an already very clean product and make it even cleaner.  I have used[...]


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