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The Superhuman Antioxidant

Ever take a bite of an apple, leave it out and return hours later? That luscious green apple you initially took a crisp bite of is now brown and mealy on the inside.  This is a classic example of OXIDATION. OXIDATION is defined as the loss of an electron. Seems fairly harmless right? Wrong. Take[...]

What the heck is Quercetin?

What the heck is Quercetin?

"Gentlemen Don't Carry Diseases?"

In the 19th century, just after childbirth, women would sometimes become affected by puerperal fever or childbed fever, a devastating disease that caused severe abdominal pain, extremely high fever and often death. Doctors were baffled and had no real way to treat the disease, or even prevent it.[...]

A Big Fat Surprise

My writing style and my general style with my private patients is one of fairness and balance. I am open. I am willing. When there is a position that is opposite of mine within the health world, I stay open because there are many roads leading to health. Dr. John Lowe, the physician who wrote the[...]

Life Seeing Life

As a physician, I respect the depths, vastness, and the fragility of life. Every time a patient comes to see me, it is my opportunity to See an example of Life, and to engage in this process out of a trusting willingness of that person, with their free will, and they ask me one of the most sacred[...]

Clean Up Your Fruits & Veggies

Here is a quick and easy guide for reducing pesticide exposure put out annually by the Environmental Working Group. The Clean 15 are fruits and veggies that you can buy conventionally with a lowered concern for buying organic. But the Dirty Dozen are the filthy ones with the highest pesticide[...]

Winter is Coming!

Block those colds and flus this year...Naturally!

The Hormone Zone for You!

The Hormone Zone: Navigate Metabolism Towards Whole Health Transformation


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