Immune Boosting: How Your Hormones Affect the Immune System

It’s normal for people to undergo changes in their body as they age but depending on the extent and the symptoms that can result. This doesn’t need to be something you have to live with if it brings you mental and physical discomfort. Depending on the signs and symptoms, you may be an ideal candidate for hormone therapy. Hormone therapy helps resolve hormonal imbalances by identifying deficiencies and then administering hormone replacements, to remedy the lack. Here are some ways that hormone imbalances can affect you:

  • Mood changes such as irritability
  • Decreased libido
  • Fatigue
  • Erectile dysfunction

Additionally, a hormone imbalance can affect your immune system. Estrogen functions to enhance the immune system, while testosterone suppresses it. This is why an imbalance between these two hormones can be detrimental to your immune health. Hormones like estrogen and testosterone can directly interact with your immune response, by controlling circadian rhythm.1 Circadian rhythm refers to the daily cycle your body follows in regards to mental, physical, and behavioural changes. If your hormones are too high or too low, then this can suppress your immune system. Our Hormone Zone team seeks to regulate your hormones at an optimal level, that is not too high or too low, to prevent the suppression of the immune system. If you have a hormone balance, it is important to give your immune system the boost it needs through hormone replacement therapy.

What You Can Do To Fix A Hormone Imbalance 

At Hormone Zone, we provide patients with hormone replacement therapy to balance your estrogen and testosterone for immune boosting. Hormones are the messengers of the body, delivering vital and complex signals to your entire body, orchestrating healing, recovery, regeneration, and optimal function and performance– including in the immune system. Without the proper hormone balance, the body begins to break down on a cellular level, leading to aging, dysfunction, and disease.

We have extremely effective solutions to achieve sex hormone balance, particularly hormone pellet therapy and bioidentical hormone therapy. These two therapies can ensure your hormones are at an optimal level, reducing the risk of a suppressed immune system. When thinking about hormone replacement therapy, it is important to have it conducted by a trained professional. Our experts are uniquely qualified to provide you with treatment and care that is results-driven. We provide professionally manages hormone replacement therapy that is complete with blood work reviews, to ensure patients understand how their personalized treatment plan is working to treat their condition.

Now, we offer telemedicine appointments so that you can get the care you need from the comfort of your own home. Book an online consultation with us today to ensure your hormones are at an optimal level.